Terms & Conditions

By becoming a pupil of 'Coopers Driving School' you agree to become bound by the following conditions:

FEES: All driving lessons are subject to a minimum 2 working days (48 hours) notice of cancellation. The instructor retains the right to charge the full tuition fee if the above notice is not given by the pupil. Cancellations by proxy or text message will not normally be accepted. All financial transactions and arrangements with regard to tuition are a matter between the instructor and the pupil.

INTENSIVE COURSES: Cancellations must be made in writing 7 days in advance of commencing the course. Any parts of the course missed without adequate notice are non-refundable, but the instructor may agree to re-schedule part or all of those lessons at his/her discretion. A non-refundable 100% deposit is required 7-14 days prior to commencing the course at the instructor's discretion.. The included mock test will only be available to students who are (deemed by the instructor ) able to drive safely without instruction at the end of the course. The instructor will allow a break of at least 5 minutes per hour of lesson for lessons exceeding 1 hour, this may be taken as short breaks or a single longer break.   For intensive courses, each lesson may reduced 15 minutes to allow for the instructor's travel time.

APPOINTMENTS: The instructor will so far as is reasonably practical ensure pupils receive tuition at the agreed times, all bookings are made on the understanding that the school is not responsible for the postponement of tuition due to traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown of equipment or any other cause outside of his / her control.

DISCOUNTS/SPECIAL OFFERS:Offers are only available to beginner students. `Beginner` means a person who has taken fewer than 5 hours professional tuition. The instructor may award one free hour to a current pupil for each individual friend introduced to the instructor on the understanding that the friend is a beginner and not already taking tuition from a  'Coopers Driving School' instructor.  Additionally, the free motorway lesson will only be offered where no other free lesson has been taken.

PAYMENTS: Payments can be made by either Cash or Cheque (supported by a cheque guarantee card). No cheques will be accepted from persons under 18 years old. Intensive driving courses are subject to a non refundable 100% deposit payable one to two weeks prior to commencing the course.

INSTRUCTORS:  If payment is made directly to your instructor, then your contract is with the instructor.  'Coopers Driving School' will not be liable for lessons paid, unless payment is made directly to us.

THE DRIVING TEST: The instructor reserves the right to refuse the hire and use of the car, if in the Instructors opinion, the pupil is not at the required standard. The school cannot be held responsible for test appointments being postponed or cancelled by the 'Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency' (DVSA), however compensation maybe available in certain circumstances form the DVSA  Furthermore we are not responsible for any failure of light bulbs etc during the practical test. All bulbs/lights etc will be checked at the test centre prior to the test, with the candidate. If the instructor books a practical test on a pupil’s behalf and does not receive payment, the test may be cancelled by the instructor at any time. Please confirm instructor is available before booking a driving test. It is the pupil's responsibility to bring all appropriate paperwork for the driving test.

PERSONAL PROPERTY: The instructor accepts no liability for personal property left in any training vehicle.

INSTRUCTORS: The availability of instructors will change from time to time and we can't guarantee that all requirements will be available in all areas at all times.  This includes, (but is not exclusive of) automatic lessons, intensive courses and female instructors.  Equally, we can't guarantee that our instructors cover all locations stated within this site, as the areas covered by the instructors may change depending on current circumstances.

These terms and conditions were updated 7th September 2014