Driving Lessons in Worcester and Worcestershire 
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Coopers Driving is myself (Nathan) and Tom, and between us we've been teaching in the area since 2005.

We provide weekly lessons and also intensive courses in both manual and automatic.

We make learning to drive enjoyable and give pupils the very best chance of a first-time pass by training them to the highest standard.  We understand that learning to drive and the driving test can seem stressful, and specialise in helping people who are nervous. 

We can usually accommodate people from all areas (Redditch, Droitwich and Kidderminster), and advise on lessons and times that are suited to them personally.

If you are part-trained, we can do an assessment for you, and let you know how many hours we think you will need to complete your training and a rough guide to when we think you should look to take your test.

Check out our recent passes & have a look at some of the customer reviews our driving instructors have received.



As well as weekly lessons, we specialise in one week intensive driving courses. These are ideal for those who have a little driving experience and have the time available to learn intensively. Many pupils prefer to take an intensive driving course, followed by the driving test at the end.  

Our standard course is 20 hours, but we can tailor the course to meet your individual needs.  



We offer both manual and automatic lessons.  Automatic cars are becoming ever more popular and you wil generally need less lessons to pass an automatic driving test.  



Naturally, each of our driving instructors are DVSA registered and may also offer 'Pass Plus'. Whichever driving school you use, always check your driving instructor is displaying a pink or green DVSA badge. Whether you have a query you would like to discuss or you're just keen to get started, contact us and we will help to get you on the road.

For more information please call us on 07915 672157