Refresher Driving Lessons -
Call: (0800) 9550554 or 07915 672157

Its not a bad idea for all of us to have our driving refreshed once in a while, so we can help you:

  • improve you confidence
  • help if you havn't driven in a while
  • improve on a particular area of your driving
  • update your skills to new features of your car or changes on the law
  • deal with aggresion on the road
  • enjoy your driving more
  • save fuel
  • protect you and your car

Whether you have been driving just a few days or many years we will help you to reach your goals. Please give us a call and let us know how we can help.  Lessons cost just £23 per hour and if you prefer, we can do all your training in your own car.

Most people who have a refresher with us, usually require around 4 hours to get positive results.  Please read the testimonials below which are typical of the relief and satisfaction improving your driving can achieve.

For refresher lessons, please call us on (0800) 9550554 or 07915 672157


"After passing my test 17 years ago I felt that with the increase in traffic on the UK's roads, perceived aggressive behaviour from other drivers and my own requirements in "continuous self development"  I was in need of spending some time with a highly competent driving instructor. Thing is I wanted an instructor who understood my needs as a businessman who wants to get around quickly yet safely. I found that instructor to be Nathan Cooper of Cooper Driving School who was referred by a business colleague of mine.
Having spent many years working as a flying instructor I understood the  need and importance of refresher training. With my increased general awarenesss from my flying experiences I felt that I handled my car to a high/excellent standard, planned for other road users and I thought it would be difficult for a driving instructor to spot any of my bad habits.
I was somewhat amazed that Nathan spotted a serious driving error within 2 minutes of me driving my car, with him in the passenger seat. To say I was impressed was an understatement.

Nathan is a calm, patient instructor that has a lot of knowledge to pass onto other drivers OF ANY STANDARD, good or bad. His ability to see potential road hazards seconds before I did is a credit to his skill and experience.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nathan Cooper as a very professional driving instructor that can improve your driving skill.

- Darren Moloney, All things Web, Bristol,