Refresher Driving Lessons

Do you want to update/improve your driving?

I offer a free driving refresher to anyone who feels like they need their driving

It's frustrating as an instructor to see such dangerous habits on the road, but a lot of 
the time people are just unaware of the dangers around and sometimes their own 
unsafe habits.

Every person I train is different, so how I can help will depend completely on your 

Some of the areas I may be able to help with:

  • Improving your confidence
  • Improving on any particular area of your driving
  • Updating your skills to new features of your car or changes on the law
  • Dealing with aggresion on the road
  • Enjoying driving more
  • Saving fuel
  • Protecting you and your car
  • Defensive driving

All I ask is that:

  • You have a car to train in
  • Are fully insured and legally responsible for the car you arrive in
  • You can meet in Worcester

Please send me an email to nathanac2000@gmail with a little information about your self.  I will call to arrange your session.Whether you have been driving just a few days or many years we will help you to reach your goals.


"After passing my test 17 years ago I felt that with the increase in traffic on the UK's roads, perceived aggressive behaviour from other drivers and my own requirements in "continuous self development"  I was in need of spending some time with a highly competent driving instructor. Thing is I wanted an instructor who understood my needs as a businessman who wants to get around quickly yet safely. I found that instructor to be Nathan Cooper of Cooper Driving School who was referred by a business colleague of mine.
Having spent many years working as a flying instructor I understood the  need and importance of refresher training. With my increased general awarenesss from my flying experiences I felt that I handled my car to a high/excellent standard, planned for other road users and I thought it would be difficult for a driving instructor to spot any of my bad habits.
I was somewhat amazed that Nathan spotted a serious driving error within 2 minutes of me driving my car, with him in the passenger seat. To say I was impressed was an understatement.

Nathan is a calm, patient instructor that has a lot of knowledge to pass onto other drivers OF ANY STANDARD, good or bad. His ability to see potential road hazards seconds before I did is a credit to his skill and experience.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nathan Cooper as a very professional driving instructor that can improve your driving skill.

- Darren Moloney, All things Web, Bristol,