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I have recently passed my driving test, passing on my first time and only picking up one minor. I strongly believe that my success was down to my driving instructor, Andy Partington. Andy took me from a nervous, hesitant novice to a confident driver within 2 months. From day one I felt comfortable and at ease at the wheel & Andy would always make sure that i was doing everything completely correct before moving on to the next step, which i think is very important for a learner driver. His range of teaching, whether it would be drawing diagrams or showing me how to do it himself was also very helpful. Also, his motivation leading up to the test really helped and gave me great confidence. Andy has a very relaxed, calm, patient manor & i was able to arrange my lessons around my college timetable. I would stongly recommend him,
especially for those who are nervous about learning to drive.

I would like to thank Andy again for all of his help.

Dan Winney (with Andy Partington), Worcester

Having just passed my driving test on my first attempt, I would like to thank my instructor Nathan and the Coopers Driving School. Being a teacher, the time I had available for lessons was minimal. So I decided to take a 20-hour extensive course, over a half term.

During which I was taught to drive safely, calmly and to test standard, to the point where my test itself just seemed like another lesson. Nathan provided just the right amount of training, breaks and technique for me to pass with confidence. If you’re a busy person, who needs to learn to drive within a reasonable time or even have lots of time and want to pass first time. I would recommend Coopers Driving School. I now look forward to completing the pass plus with the School.

Michael Scott (with Nathan), Worcester

To: Coopers Driving School

I have passed my driving test today and would like to thank my instructor John Grayson for all his efforts and patience in getting me to this point. John made learning to drive a very enjoyable experience, he teaches to high standards but with his great sense of humour I always felt at ease even with the odd manoeuvre that took some time to perfect. It might take a while to get used to the fact John won’t be sat next to me every time I get in the car, either nagging me or making me laugh both of which contributed to me passing my test. Even when I wasn’t in the mood for a 2 hour long drive John would have me back on track driving to a good standard.

Thank you again John. 

Laura Capper (with John Grayson), Worcester

I recently took lessons with John Grayson in Worcester, i found him to be an incredibly patient and profesional instructor - he really helped me boost my confidence with manouveoures etc.  I passed forst time with him today and would like to highly recommend him to anyone interested in learning to drive.

Thanks a lot John!

Karen Young (with John Grayson), Worcester

Just a quick thanks to Nathan at Coopers Driving School. He helped me pass my test first time in a short time period, and pass with confidence in my own ability. He's everything you'd want in an instructor; relaxed. patient, and friendly. It's good to look forward to your lessons, which thanks to Nathan I did. He doesn't just instruct you to pass the test, but to make you a confident and safe driver.
I would recommend Nathan to anyone looking to learn in a great atmosphere with a top instructor. I'm glad I did, and I'm happy to say I've met not just an instructor, but a friend.

Rory Ewers (with Nathan), Evesham

I would like to thank Nathan Cooper for being an absolutely fantastic driving instructor and making learning to drive an enjoyable experience. I was very nervous about driving and put it off for a long time but Nathan put me at ease from lesson 1.

He has the patience of a saint and a great sense of humour which was very much needed with me!
I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Once again, a very big thank you. Dee

Divina Purchase, Evesham, July 2010.

Before starting lessons with Coopers Driving School, I thought I would never pass my test.  My previous instructor had entered me into tests far too quickly and I failed both - the last so badly that I didn't drive a car again for five

Nathan took me back to basics and restored my confidence in my driving abilities.  He had a really methodical approach to teaching and was very flexible with booking, changing lessons and tests.  Most of all I appreciated his patience.

After just four months I passed my second test - without a single minor or major fault - something that I would never have believed I was capable of before starting to learn to drive with Nathan.

A huge thank-you to everyone at Coopers!

Felicity Miles, Rainbow Hill, Worcester

Just like to say thank you to Adham for getting me through my test with ease. His ways of teaching are one of a kind, and it was more like getting taught off a friend rather than an instructor. I've heard some schools are just out for the money, but Adham told me he could get me through my test first time and as soon as possible, and in just under 8 weeks I did indeed pass first time.

Huge thanks and recognition for the way he taught me to drive, I doubt there's a better instructor out there.

Thanks again Ad.

Mathew Crompton, Hartlebury

I would just like to say thank-you to Nathan Cooper who helped my through my driving test. When I first started learning to drive with Coopers my confidence had been knocked by a previous driving instructor. After already taking 3 previous tests, I was felt that I would never be able to pass. Nathan made me feel relaxed and chilled out on lessons and brought my confidence back up. I had around 10 lessons with Nath and he advised me that i should book my test.

When it came round to the test day I found myself feeling far more comfortable and at ease than previous tests, this helped me through the driving test and I passed first time with Nath and just 4 minors.


Fern Tivenan, Pershore, March 2010

Since 1,978 I have been qualified to Home Office class One as an Advanced Driver
of Motor Cars. I am a retired Police Traffic Patrol Sergeant. Since 1985 I have been
an Advanced Driving Examiner.

I recently commenced teaching my sixteen year old daughter to drive, off the
road, of course. Ground and tracks available on which I could teach her were very
limited, and not particularly suitable.

I then had the good fortune to learn of Nathan Cooper's COOPERS DRIVING
SCHOOL.  Nathan provides off-road driving tuition for young persons yet to
attain their seventeenth birthdays.

I booked a two-hour lesson for my daughter, and we duly met with Nathan
Cooper. What followed was a delight for my daughter and myself.

Nathan Cooper provided two hours of excellent tuition, including advice on study,
on the Theory Test, on the practical Driving Test, on Hazard Perception testing, as well
as superb practical driving tuition and practice. My daughter was driving for the most
part of the two hours, and even finished with well executed reversing manoeuvres.

In conclusion, I am, by my professional training and experience, highly critical of
driving performance, and of those associated with same. I have only the highest
regard for Nathan Cooper's professional expertise, and I thoroughly recommend his
services to anyone wishing to be taught to drive properly. It is especially well worth
considering getting the under-seventeens started in readiness for driving on the roads.

Thank you again.

Phil Lewis, Gloucester

Just like to say a MASSIVE thankyou to Coopers and especially Adham, i had a very short period of time to learn but they found availability and suited my time scale.

Adham really helped me pass, i was very nervous to begin and lacked all confidence but he was quick to beat that out of me (in the nicest possible way!). I've had a few instructors in the past but i felt the most relaxed and capable with Adham which really helped me and he didnt get annoyed when i got all stroppy!

My full recommendation!

Thankyou again!!

Sam Walker, Pershore, November 2009

Just a quick message to thank you for helping me pass my test in a very short amount of time, first time! Simon Kershaw was very understanding when I told him the time scale I had to work with and was fabulous at helping me get results in a short time. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Simon and Coopers to anyone.

Many thanks for all your help.     

Kate, Wolverhampton

Hi, just wanted to say thank you to Coopers Driving School for helping me past my practical test today!  My instructor Vijay was the best and suported me 100% - Thanks!!

Charlie, Wolverhampton, September 2009

Before I started lessons with Adham Malik from Coopers, I was told I was a decent driver, I could not however pass the test no matter how decent I seemed. On my first lesson with Adham however, he helped me find my major faults and thanks to his enthusiastic yet methodical teaching style I was able to address them, and passed my test in just under two weeks.

I am really grateful to Adham for all the help he has given me.

Chris King, October 2009

I came to Coopers after learning with another instructor for about 4 months and not making a lot of progress.  I started lessons with Adam Barry, who immediately picked up on my main problems and he rebuilt my confidence in driving, as well as having a good laugh.  After a few weeks it was just like chatting with a friend - I never would have thought I'd actually look forward to lessons.  After 7 months I passed my test first time, and I am a safe and confident driver.  I'd like to thank Adam, who is a brilliant instructor and a really nice guy, and Coopers.  I'd recommend you to anyone.
Laura Mason

Dear John,

I just wanted to say thank you once again for all the help you gave for my driving, you have been very patient with me - especially with the left reverse and parallel parking manoeuvers.

A very big thank you for everything.

Best wishes.
Leigh, passed with only 3 minors, June 2009 

I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Nathan, you made learning to dive both educational, but also something I could look forward to.  I wish you all the luck for the future and I'm certain that you will excel due to the excellence (if your teaching is anything to go by) of your driving school.

Thank-you for helping me pass first time and giving me the independence I've aquired through driving.

Wallis R, Worcester

Before I changed instruction to Coopers, I considered myself a reasonably competant driver but I just could not get through my test, and learning to drive was quickly becoming expensive and also frustrating. Upon my first lesson with Nathan I began to see where I had been going wrong.  I found his style of tuition concise and methodical, and I quickly regained my confidence in driving and started to really enjoy the lessons.   I went on to pass my test with flying colours (2 minors!) with just a few extra hours of tuition.

Many thanks, from a full license holder (at last!).                                                                        

Karen C, Worcester, June 2009

Having failed my driving test a number of times, I had no confidence and was in despair; I never thought I could ever pass. Fortunately I changed my driving instructor to John Grayson of Coopers Driving School . Immediately I felt at ease; the professionalism of John was excellent.  Due to his skill, patients and understanding, I passed my test within a few weeks. I have no hesitation in recommending Coopers Driving School to any new learner driver.            

Mrs Li Wimpey, Droitwich

I have been learning on and off for 2 years but had never managed to settle with an instructor. I decided to go for an intenisve course with you, and you managed to sort me out with Tess Angel who was absolutely amazing and looked after me throughout the intensive lessons. I was a very nervous learner but her personable, relaxing and friendly approach completely sorted me out and I was soon feeling confident and positive in my own driving ability- something which nobody else had managed bring out in me. Tess was brilliant and I'm hugely thankful to her for everything that she helped me to achieve.
Just before my test this weekend Tess had to go into hospital and so Adam (I think his surname is Barry?) stepped in to look after me for my final lessons and through to the test. Adam's attitude was so positive and easy going and he immediately put me at ease. I actually began to enjoy my lesson under his expert direction. I have no doubt that without his experienced tuition and relaxed but skilled help I would have never passed my test. Even in the horrible moments when I was sitting in the waiting room just before my test Adam was still making me laugh and working hard to maintain within me the calm I needed to pass the test. I am extremely grateful to him for stepping in at such short notice and being such a fantastic teacher.
Adam and Tess honestly were incomparably the best instructors I have ever had and they did their very best to look after me, accommodate my needs, develop and encourage my skills and correct any difficulties I was having in a positively constructive way. They are certainly responsible for getting me through my test and making me the happy driver I now am. They really are both clear assets to Coopers driving School and I have already begun recommending them to my friends and family who are taking driving lessons with other instructors.

Thanks once again Nathan to you and your marvellous team for all their help, hard work and expert teaching skills.                                                                                                                           

Kath Harrison, Worcester

I would like to thank-you for helping me pass within just a few weeks.  I was in a blind panic when i realised i had just 4 weeks to get my test, being part of the agreement of me starting my new job.  I would definitly recommend you and learning intensively to friends and family.  The job is going well and I'm enjoying having the freedom driving has brought, no more buses - ever! :)                             

Steve Varney

After passing my test 17 years ago I felt that with the increase in traffic on the UK's roads, perceived aggressive behaviour from other drivers and my own requirements in "continuous self development"  I was in need of spending some time with a highly competent driving instructor. Thing is I wanted an instructor who understood my needs as a businessman who wants to get around quickly yet safely. I found that instructor to be Nathan Cooper of Cooper Driving School who was referred
by a business colleague of mine.
Having spent many years working as a flying instructor I understood the  need and importance of refresher training. With my increased general awarenesss from my flying experiences I felt that I handled my car to a high/excellent standard, planned for other road users and I thought it
would be difficult for a driving instructor to spot any of my bad habits.
I was somewhat amazed that Nathan spotted a serious driving error within 2 minutes of me driving my car, with him in the passenger seat. To say I was impressed was an understatement.

Nathan is a calm, patient instructor that has a lot of knowledge to pass onto other drivers OF ANY STANDARD, good or bad. His ability to see potential road hazards seconds before I did is a credit to his skill and experience.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nathan Cooper as a very professional driving instructor that can improve your driving skill.
Darren Moloney, All things Web, Bristol

After worrying about the expense and stress of learning to drive, I finally got around to giving it a go and its been nothing like what I'd imagined.  Whilst Ive heard many depressing stories from my friends, I've found the whole experience on the whole very straight forward.  I felt i was trained to a higher standard than was required for the test (passed with 2 minors) and quite frankly after surviving some of the routes Nathan found me the test actually seemed relatively easy and I feel absolutely confident behind the wheel.   

Thanks for everything!                                                                                                           

Josie Hart, Evesham

I passed my driving test 9 years ago in Austria (which means driving on the other side) and haven’t driven ever since. My confidence was at an all time low and I felt ill when I even thought about getting behind a steering wheel. I had to start from scratch and the detailed explanations I got were so helpful. My instructor was always friendly and incredibly patient (I still don’t know how he managed…). I gradually was able to build my confidence and the useful tips and tricks I was taught made driving so much easier for me. Three months ago I thought I would never be able to drive and now I am looking for my own car. I am very grateful for that!                                                 

Bernadette Hardtmen, St. Johns

I was really scared the first time I got behing the wheel... With help from Coopers, I've realised it's nothing to worry about and now I can't wait for each lesson.
Jess Fowler, St Johns